Intimate Dining Experience with Butler Service at the Grand Floridian


I consider myself a Disney Expert.  After all, I have visited Disney World 2-3 times a year since 1990.  I became a Disney Vacation Club member in 2000.  I have stayed at 1/2 star hotels in Orlando all the way up to a grand villa at Bay Lake Tower.  I have done pretty much every tour available, although I still have a few to go.  I’ve visited Disneyland as well as Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii.  So when I read all these blog posts about “Disney Secrets”, “Disney Must Dos” or any “Top 10 things to do in Disney” I chuckle as I have done almost all of them.  My bucket list include things that are virtually impossible like staying in Cinderella’s castle suite, buy a house at Golden Oak or buy the $35,000 Airbus Brothers castle.  I’m pretty sure most of this would put me in the “expert” category.

Since my 10th wedding anniversary, I have been trying to find romantic or new ideas to celebrate our anniversary, or other special occasions.  I was pretty much desperate last year, so I went to some Disney Facebook groups to ask for help.  As expected, most of the suggestions I had already done.  Then I stumbled across a suggestion for private dining with butler service at the Grand Floridian.  I was actually shocked that something came up that I had never heard about!  Without blinking, I knew this was the way we would celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This is so secret (not anymore) that when I first called Disney Dining, they had no idea what I was talking about.  Then after a lot of research, I found Pat Anderson from Grand Floridian Intimate Dining Experience.  I was extremely excited as our first selected date was available.  Now, I knew this wasn’t going to be inexpensive, but also knew I would spend about the same amount on fancy dining, flowers and a gift.

So we arrived at the Grand Floridian on our anniversary.  I was so excited about this, that I couldn’t keep it a secret from my wife!  We were greeted by our butler and escorted to our private balcony.  We were given custom menus made specifically for us.  Our butler Chris asked about our dining habits, and I was glad he listened as I do not eat vegetables.  I think during that conversation, he realized we were not to fufu and relaxed a little more with us which made the evening even more special.

We ordered a bottle of wine (not included in the overall price), and for our first “experience” I chose the cheese board, my wife chose the Charcuterie (I still have no idea what that is, see the pictures LOL).  Again, I am a very picky eater so I didn’t expect to eat much off this board.  To my surprise, I not only ate most of the cheese board I also ate most of the Charcuterie.  I practically licked the board, it was that good!  Our next “experience” was the appetizer.  As you can see from the menu, you have a wide selection of choices.  I won’t go through our entire meal, but will share some of the pictures.


As I mentioned above, during our conversation with our butler Chris, he paid very close attention.  So not only were we celebrating Valentine’s Day, my wife was celebrating the 25th anniversary of her 25th birthday (you can do the math, I can’t say the age).  Early in the year, my wife declared 2017 “The Year of Kathy!”  We joked about that during our conversation.  So when it was time for dessert, there was a special message on her plate.

The food comes from one of the Grand Floridian’s top restaurants Citricos. I can tell you every bite was mouthwatering.  As part of being a Disney expert, I have eaten at almost every restaurant including Victoria and Albert’s and to date, this was one of my favorite meals.  The best part of the night was I never felt rushed.  Our butler Chris was not lingering around waiting for us, but was right there when we needed him.  After dessert, we had time to view some of the “Star Wars spectacular” fireworks, and then watched the entire “wishes” fireworks over the castle.  I know everyone is thinking the exact same thing right now, “How Much?”  With the one bottle of wine and tip the night cost about $650.  As I mentioned above, if I went with flowers, a gift, and a fancy diner, I would have spent about the same amount.  It was well worth the cost.

As far as memories go, this will be one of the top 5 of all times.  If you are interested in booking this experience, call Disney Dining and ask for the Intimate Dining Experience.  Be aware, not all cast members know about this, so you have to tell them it is a special dining event.  For other Disney Tips, please visit my website at or my facebook page


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