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h2o-sports-hawaii-logo-4If you are looking for a great time on the water, let me introduce you to H2O Sports Hawaii! Located about 45 minutes from Aulani, H2O Sports was well worth the drive.  As their name indicates, H2O Sports offers everything to do with water sports.  You can parasail, jetski, jet pack, banana boat and more!

Our trip to H2O Sports started with my son, daughter, nephew and daughter’s friend parasailing.  On Oahu, they offer two different parasail adventures, the traditional 500 foot ride and the extreme 700 foot ride!  My son and nephew opted for the 700 foot ride, while my daughter and her friend opted for the standard ride.  I was extremely impressed with the crew as we started off to the “playground”  After watching safety videos and checking in, you are transported out to a main boat where smaller boats dock to take you out to each location.  Everyone we came in contact with was extremely pleasant and safety always came first.  We boarded our second boat to goIMG_3690 out to the parasail area, and my son and nephew were ready to go.  The crew went over some safety features and rules and before you knew it they were on their way.  Parasailing lasts about 10 minutes and offers some absolutely stunning views.  The crew had a little fun dropping them into the water, then lifting them back into the air!  A really cool thing is there is a Go-Pro camera attached to the safety harness, so the crew can keep a close eye on IMG_3740the participants, and after, you can purchase the video.  In addition to the video, there is a staff member on the boat taking pictures as well.  Too see some of these pictures and videos, make sure you visit my facebook site, https://www.facebook.com/wdwfamilytips I uploaded several photos from these adventures.

After each of these adventures, we were returned to the main boat and decided to take the jet ski out for a ride.  This is far more my speed, so I joined in here!  I was on a single jet ski, the kids rode together.  We rodeIMG_3841 on the jet ski course (around three buoys marked out on the water) and topped out around 35-40 mph.  The Jet Ski ride lasts about 30 minutes.  A Go-Pro video is also mounted to the Jet Ski.  For the first 15 minutes, the Go-Pro is setup to take still pictures.  The crew waves you in and they change it so there is a great video for the remaining 15 minutes.

I’m a little bummed that we didn’t schedule more time at H2O Sports!  They had so much more to offer.  The good thing is, when I return to Oahu I have something to look forward too.  I HAVE to check out that Jet Pack.  IMG_3857There was a gentleman heading out as we were coming in on the jet-skies and it looked really cool! Everywhere we looked from the main boat, there were groups of people having great times.  I think you can see from the smiles in the pictures here, everyone was having a BLAST!

To see all that H2O Hawaii Sports has to offer, and for a complete price list, visit them on-line at http://www.h2osportshawaii.com/ you’ll be glad you did!


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